Dear Families, 

On Wednesday, March 4th, 2020, during a normal day of school, your 10th grader will be taking the PSAT or your 11th grader will be taking the SAT.  The SAT, Scholastic Aptitude Test, is a college entrance examination.  Students have the opportunity to take the SAT for the first time junior year and then can take the exam again during their senior year.  The scores on the SAT are reviewed by college admissions officers when deciding to accept or deny a college applicant.  

Sophomores will have their first glimpse of this exam by taking the PSAT (Preliminary SAT).  PSAT scores are not reviewed by colleges.  It is practice. 

But what if my child isn't interested in college?  We still want them to take the exam.  Being college and career ready is defined as preparing all students to succeed at a college level, whether or not they choose to enroll.  High-stakes exams are found in all areas of non-college options, whether that is the military hopeful taking the ASVAB, the MTA employee or sanitation worker taking a civil service exam, or a union tradesperson taking certification exams; taking tests are just as much as part of the employment world as it is a college campus.

Students can begin preparing now by creating an account at; the official practice partner of Collegeboard, the organization that offers the SAT and PSAT.  The best results are achieved by those who login daily and practice during their free time. 

Further reading and information about the benefits of the SAT School Day can be found here:  

Good luck!