Benefits of CTE

For Students

  • Opportunities to learn by doing, to work with their hands and tools, and to apply knowledge

  • Ability to explore and begin learning the craftsmanship of carpentry, masonry, decorative finishes and landscaping

  • Chances to demonstrate their creative and artistic sides

  • Internships, job-shadows and other work-based experiences outdoors and on job sites with industry leaders

  • Graduate with a Regents Diploma, CTE Endorsement, and real-world employable skills

 For Parents

  • A safe and supportive environment where students are known well, personally guided, and taught to self-advocate 

  • Small academic classes that feature problem-based learning with real-world application so that students can answer the question: Why do I need to know this?

  • Open communication with teachers and staff, access to curriculum, continuous school updates and easy monitoring of student progress

  • The security of knowing students will have many options for after high school and well into life 

About Mather

Stephen T. Mather Building Arts & Craftsmanship High School is a Career and Technical Education (CTE) high school for hands-on skills-training in the specialized building arts and landscape trades, focused on high-quality craftsmanship and historic preservation. 

Partnering with the National Park Service—which is committed to protecting the nation's 400+ national parks, monuments, cultural and historic sites including the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island—students work directly in the trades of carpentry, masonry/plastering, decorative finishes and landscape management.

Hands-on learning experiences, targeted academic support, and extensive work-based opportunities means that every student builds a strong academic foundation while learning solid trade skills, opening doors to a secure, lucrative and successful future.