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Masonry (stone, brick, block and concrete) is a trade that is fundamental to construction, providing buildings with their foundations and often their walls. While many of the masons’ techniques and tools have been largely unchanged since the building of the great medieval cathedrals, advancements in technology have made it possible for these skilled craftspeople to create structures that would have been impossible to construct 150 years ago. While masons must be able to use physical tools with a high level of skill, their most important tool is the wide range of academic knowledge that includes math, earth science, physics and history. 
These subjects form the foundation of the mason’s trade, especially masons who want to preserve the buildings that convey America’s unique history. Like the other building arts, masonry requires working as a part of a team.  If the idea of working with others to build a structure from the ground up excites you, the Masonry path at Mather will provide you with the building blocks you need.