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Is there Saturday school?

Maybe…if you need it. There will certainly be opportunities to have special classes and activities on the weekends, and if you need extra academic support we will provide that too, after school, on Saturdays and in the summer.

Will I still get a Regents Diploma or do I have to take Regents exams?

Yes, you will still take the exams, and yes you will still get a Regents…or even an Advanced Regents diploma if you're a real go-getter! What is even better is that you get the CTE endorsement too, which is 12-15 more credits but says to future colleges and future employers that you have skills, you can work collaboratively, and that you KNOW what it means to be an excellent employee.

What are the classes like?

We believe in hands-on learning and authentic experiences, and we want students who are able to answer the age-old question: "Why do I need to know this?" The academic classes are infused with the trade skills as much as the trade skills are infused with the core content.

Is it SAFE?

Absolutely. The administration takes safety very seriously. We also have two APs and a Core Value Advocate (our version of a dean). We make sure that everyone is aware of what is expected and we use restorative practices to overcome challenges. 

Are there afterschool clubs/activities?

We have many clubs and extracurricular groups. Currently, we have a student government, community service opportunities, yearbook, Mather Newspaper club, art & drama clubs, academic clubs, vocal music club, carpentry club, plant club, Love is Love club (gay/straight alliance), instrumental music club, board games club, trades/industry clubs…or maybe we can start a new club based on your interests!

Do you have sports teams?

You will be able to participate in PSAL campus sports teams and Mather intramural sports.

Do you have college or AP classes?

Yes, we do! We offer different AP Courses each year. Right now we have 7: World History (10), US History (11), English Language & Composition (11), English Literature (12),  United States Government and Politics (12), Environmental Science (12), Spanish Language and Culture (12).  

Are there certifications that I can earn?

  • OSHA 10
  • Scaffolding Training
  • CTE endorsement in Historic Preservation with an emphasis in either the Building Arts or Landscape
  • Management

What can I do after high school?

We believe in creating many options for you so that you can plan the path that is best for you!
  • Get a job/seek immediate employment with the skills you have learned (and help support your family, pay for your own expenses, AND pay for college if you choose)
  • Go into an Apprenticeship with the unions or an apprenticeship with a smaller firm or company or tradesperson.
  • Go to college and study historic preservation.
  • Go to college and study whatever you want.

Who is the partner?

The National Park Service. You have heard about, seen or maybe even been to the Statue of Liberty or Ellis Island….maybe you have been to or at least heard of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, or Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming? Well the national agency in charge of those parks, monuments and historic places is our partner, the National Park Service, and its goal is to preserve, conserve and restore 401 natural and cultural resources in our nation. They want you to learn how to do that as well, so they are providing the resources for that to happen.

What is CTE?

Career and Technical Education… is a model that 1) leads to a CTE endorsed diploma, 2) prepares you for the world of work (all work, not just our focus), 3) gives you real world experience and the opportunity to have internships, job shadows, and more. From our perspective, it requires more work but has more prestige than a Regents Diploma by itself. There is a push in America to steer education in this direction, and we agree!

Who is Stephen T. Mather, or what’s a Mather?

He was the first director of the National Park Service, which is our lead partner….though we have many partners and many still in the works, such as NYC Parks & Recreation.

Do you have a mascot? Are there school colors?

We are the Mather Wolves! Our school colors are gray and green (light and dark green!)

What time does school start?

8:20am. First period is essential for your learning and time at Mather. If you are consistently late, you will be required to do Academic Recovery with the CVAs.

What is your school about?

We are a CTE school (Career and Technical Education) that prepares students for career and college through hands-on learning opportunities and skills training in the building and landscape management trades, with emphases on high-quality craftsmanship, the specialized building arts and the practices of historic preservation.

Will there be field trips?

Are you kidding??? Yes!!! There are 11 National Parks in Manhattan alone….you will see all of them. We also have rewards trips in the Fall and Spring and an End-of-Year outing.

Is there a uniform?

No! Our Student Government organization campaigned to eliminate uniforms in favor of student expression. We have plenty of Mather-branded swag if you want to rep your school pride. However, when you are on a job site, a trip or a work-related event, you will be required to wear Mather-identified clothing and appropriate safety shoes and clothes.