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Career Day 2024

Career Day is an opportunity for Mather students to learn about different careers and explore fields of interest. Professionals and field experts join us for the morning and meet with groups of students to share their experiences and advice regarding their chosen professions.  Speakers will cover topics such as educational requirements, job opportunities, and potential for advancement and growth.  This annual event encourages students to ask questions regarding their fields of interest and think about their ambitions for the future.

I’M A STUDENT, what is Career Day?

This year's Career Day will take place on Wednesday, April 17th, 2024.

Students will attend several presentations facilitated by guest-speakers representing various career fields. Regularly scheduled academic classes will not take place that day. 

Please note the following:

  • The day will begin with all students reporting to school by 8:05am. Students who may be free during first period will still need to report to homeroom by 8:05am, or they will be marked late/absent.
  • If a student happens to miss their entire first-scheduled presentation of the day, it will be treated as a cut class.  If a student misses two presentations, it will be two cut classes, etc.
  • Career Day is a mandatory event; all students will participate, and attendance will be taken prior to the start of each presentation.

Hopefully, you will take the time to review the materials posted here and in packvisory so that you may plan what sessions you want to attend.

How do I sign up for Presentations?

A week before Career Day, each student will discuss the program during Packvisory. Students will pre-select the top five (5) presentations they would like to attend. The day will run similar to a professional conference where students will be able to select the sessions they want to attend the day of. When a session reaches the max number of attendees, the door will be closed. This is why we recommend knowing the professionals attending and pre-selecting your schedule, so you’re ready for the day!


I’M A PROFESSIONAL, how do I become a presenter?

We are looking for presenters! Please fill out this survey to sign up. We will follow up with a confirmation and subsequent survey to prepare you to present at our Career Day.

The full listing of the presenters and their biographies will be available once we secure all of the presenters.